Image result for ESMEDAGROThe National Association of Selected Pigs (ANPS) leads this operational group of supra-autonomous nature with the aim of developing an innovative project aimed at establishing a quality standard for swine artificial insemination centers. This operating group is one of the beneficiaries of the subsidies for the creation of supra-autonomous groups, according to the proposal for a provisional concession resolution published on July 18.

The ANPSTAND Operative Group is made up of a consortium of organizations and companies that faithfully represents the plurality of entities that operate in the swine reproduction segment in Spain: The consortium includes a national association of purebred livestock sector (ANPS), three companies (TOPIGS NORSVIN, GRUP GEPORK and SEMEN CARDONA), a Cooperative (COBADU) and a livestock group (CIAP Cinco Villas).

Also part of this group are 2 public research centers (INIA and University of Murcia), as well as several leading companies in insemination material (MAGAPOR, HUMECO, MINITUBE, KUBUS), the National Association of Porcine Cattle Producers (ANPROGAPOR) and the Innovation Agent ESMEDAGRO.

The associates of the ANPS, other professionals of the sector and the Public Administrations are demanding the unification of protocols, valuation techniques and minimum quality values ​​under a common standard of porcine seminal quality, equivalent to those developed in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, which becomes a useful tool for improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the CIAs. The development of this standard requires previous work to know the current situation of the Centers and establish the minimum requirements that must be met to guarantee quality, for which the seminal analysis techniques must be identified, work documents must be drawn up, and a system of control and define the management and financing of the standard and its certification. In addition, being one of the great challenges of swine production, the decision has been made to include the reduction of the use of antibiotics in the preparation of seminal doses and its integration in the quality standard as an objective.

For the creation of this Operational Group, aid of € 38,985.63 has been granted and is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) (80%) and MAPA (20%).