Payday loan to make your house more sustainable


This week it was announced that ABC Bank wants to stimulate the sustainability of houses with an interest discount. Anyone who wants to borrow extra money will receive a small interest-rate discount on the mortgage at this bank.

The legal sustainability measure ensures that home buyers can borrow 106% instead of 100% of the mortgage value. But what if you are already a homeowner and want to make your home more sustainable but have insufficient savings? Read our tips.

Interest discount mortgage attractive?

 Interest discount mortgage attractive?

Research by the Own House Association shows that only about half of home buyers do not want to borrow this extra money, and that banks that do, often raise interest rates. So the question is whether a second mortgage or increasing your mortgage is such an attractive choice.

Borrow money for energy saving

 Borrow money for energy saving

If you want to make your house more sustainable, then borrowing money is a good option. There are several ways to borrow money for energy-saving measures:

  • Higher mortgage

There are some hooks and eyes on this. For investments in energy saving that still have to take place, you can borrow a maximum of € 9,000 extra.

  • Take out a sustainability loan through the municipality . However, this loan does have a maximum of 25,000 euros.
  • personal payday loan

Personal payday loan

 Personal loan

Taking out a personal payday loan to finance the costs of energy-saving measures such as installing façade, roof or floor insulation and HR ++ glass or solar panels is a good option. The term, the interest and the monthly amount are fixed for the entire term of the loan. So you know exactly where you stand.

Personal payday loan interest deductible with owner-occupied home

 Personal loan interest deductible with owner-occupied home

You can take out a personal payday loan or a revolving credit for your solar panels or other energy-saving measures. Do you have a property for sale? Then remember that the interest you pay is deductible. This means you have a lower monthly payment. You can only deduct the interest if you take out a personal payday loan.

How do I request a personal payday loan?

 How do I request a personal loan?

You can apply for a loan entirely online at National Credit Checker. Via our website you can easily calculate how much you can borrow and what it costs per month. Depending on the loan amount and the desired term, you can choose from three different loans: Revolving credit, personal payday loan and Hybrid credit. Choose the loan that suits you and request a no-obligation quote online.

Benefits of a personal payday loan with the National Credit Checker

  • Sharpest fixed interest from 4.2%
  • You borrow the entire duration with a fixed interest rate
  • You pay a fixed amount every month
  • Extra repayments are always fine-free
  • Carefree borrowing: safe and reliable


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